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At Least it is Steady—Embraer’s Large RJ Deliveries

Embraer’s Large RJ Deliveries   Embraer have delivered almost 1,500 large RJs since deliveries first began in 2004 But, deliveries have been flat since 2010 averaging about 100 deliveries for the nine-year period between 2010 and 2018 90 deliveries in 2018 is about 60% of their top delivery year in 2008 This performance points to […]

Big Aircraft, Big Decline – Widebody Aircraft in Passenger Service 1999-2018

Widebody Aircraft in Passenger Service 1999-2018 Widebody passenger aircraft have been seeing a deployment shift over the long term Very large aircraft like the 747 (all series) and the A380-800 has seen a consistent decline in fleet development over the last 20-years From 600+ aircraft in 1999 to less than 400 (on a combined basis) […]

Economic Weakness in China

Great stall After stabilizing, China’s economy is decelerating again, slowed by debt and a trade fight with the U.S. 2018 economic growth in China represented slowest pace since 1990 Weakness across the board: Purchases by individuals are reduced Investments by business and government are diminished Property sales are weak

Where are We in the Cycle?

Where are We in the Cycle? 10- Year Treasury Minus 2-Year Treasury The business cycle is difficult to predict as there are many moving parts But, a pretty good indicator is available by monitoring 10-year treasury yields minus 2-year treasuries This difference has predicted at least five recessions over the last 40 years When 10-year […]

Passenger Turboprop Aircraft by World Region – In Service and On Order

Turboprop Migration While passenger turboprop aircraft fleets are smaller when compared to jet aircraft, there are still many in service Asia/Pacific region accounts for most followed by North America and Europe But, a migration is underway; the Asia/Pacific region has about 30% of the in-service passenger turboprops in service but near 70% of the total […]

Who Needs the Middle of the Market Aircraft More?

Boeing formerly dominated the MoM sector with 757s and 767s; in 1998 Boeing had 75% of this market Today, Airbus now has a 60% to 40% advantage over Boeing thanks to A321/A330-200,300s Since 2010, Airbus has grown its MoM aircraft from 1,400 in-service airplanes to about 2,900 while Boeing went from 1,550 to 2,000 Airbus […]