Business Planning & Strategy

In a changing industry environment, AVITAS’s consulting team helps our clients to develop and adapt strategies for aviation businesses including manufacturers and financiers.

The aviation industry has changed significantly in recent years.  Consolidation, bankruptcies, new entrants for both airlines and manufacturers, rapid traffic growth in some major regions and stagnation in others, AVITAS’s team of consultants has advised and assisted our Clients through it all.


Case Study

Client: Major Aviation Company in Asia

Problem: Whether to invest in a project which would allow the company to pursue a horizontal integration strategy in order to diversify related product and service offerings. This strategic initiative could be worth several billion dollars over a ten year period.


  • Provided the company with research on aviation market drivers
  • Forecasting demand in specific market sectors
  • Performed a comprehensive competitive landscape analysis
  • Formulated pricing strategies and price point recommendations
  • Provided an overall assessment of non-recurring and recurring costs of product/service introduction and development
  • The client is now examining its options and evaluating next steps including partnerships and alliances with other companies.