Appraisal Services

AVITAS values more than 5,000 aircraft and spare engines each year. Most of our valuations and appraisals fall into the following categories:

  • Opinion Letter Valuation:  An opinion letter is a brief valuation report that presents the value of the aircraft or engines without including market commentary or the General Market Overview of the industry.  Values adjusted for the maintenance condition of the aircraft can be included.
  • Desktop Valuation: The typical valuation product requested by our Clients. Includes a General Market Overview (Jet, Regional, Engine, or Corporate depending on asset), an overview of the aircraft/engine program, and a summary of current market conditions affecting the specific asset.  Values are presented in half-life/half-time maintenance condition unless the aircraft is new or nearly new.
  • Extended Desktop Valuation: The Extended Desktop includes all sections from the Desktop Valuation, but also takes into consideration the actual maintenance condition of the aircraft based on information provided by the Client.
  • Full Appraisal:  Written by one of our ISTAT Certified Appraisers, the full valuation includes an inspection of the aircraft and its maintenance records performed by our technical department in order to give the most accurate appraisal possible.  The final report provided to the Client includes a summarized inspection report from the technical department and all of the information included in the Extended Desktop Valuation but also includes other adjustments, if necessary, to reflect the findings of the inspection of the aircraft and records.