Valuation of Spare Parts Inventory

Are you buying or selling inventory, using it for collateral, or just need to know the value of an inventory of parts?

Using our extensive database and market intelligence, AVITAS is able to provide a value assessment of your spare parts inventory to include current market value, fair market value, and an estimate of an orderly liquidation value of the asset pool over time.

AVITAS values several million spare parts each year and counts airlines, financial institutions, part-out and MRO facilities as many of our past and current Clients.

Case Study

Client:  Large U.S. Airline

Problem:  AVITAS was engaged to provide the Fair Market Value and the Orderly Liquidation Value of the airline’s inventory of spare parts.


  • The airline’s inventory data was processed through AVITAS’s Spare Part Inventory Database in order to develop price data, price history, and effectively of the parts.
  • The results from the database were “scrubbed” to check for duplicate part numbers that would incorrectly skew the results, and these duplicate part numbers were researched by AVITAS’s Technical team to increase accuracy of the results.
  • Effectively data was used by the Valuations team to develop demand trends for parts by aircraft model.
  • The Technical team developed a cash flow model to determine the Orderly Liquidation Value of the pool of spares.

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