Aircraft Block Hour Operating Costs & Operations Guide

The Aircraft Block Hour Operating Costs & Operations Guide is designed to assist aviation professionals in benchmarking specific aircraft costs and performance against industry standards.

The guide provides direct operating costs for flying operations, maintenance reserves and maintenance burden, and provides average aircraft utilization per day for various operational indices such as departures, ASMs and seat-mile operating costs.

img07Subscribers have found this data instrumental in formulating fleet and route analysis as well as monitoring specific maintenance productivity.

Nearly every major jet aircraft type in both passenger and cargo service operating in the US today, by carrier, is included for passenger and cargo operations, as well as turboprop aircraft. Each aircraft type provides cost and performance components as reported on Form 41.

The guide, which is produced quarterly and includes year-to-date data, is based on the most current Form 41 releases by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The yearly subscription to AVITAS’s Block Hour Operating Guide is US $575 for a full year (four quarterly editions) or US $200 for the current quarter only. Shipping is included.

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