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FAA 8130-3 Requirement For New Parts

Historically a repair station could repair components using new OEM parts without an 8130-3 for each of the piece parts and release the repaired component with dual FAA and EASA certification.  With a recent rule change by the FAA, U.S. repair stations are no longer allowed to provide dual certification without each new part used […]

Lease Return Language – “without regard to hours and cycles”

Almost all leases contain clauses that describe the condition that the aircraft and engines must meet at the end of the lease term.  These “return conditions” stipulate the aircraft configuration, the status of the airframe maintenance, the time remaining on major components, other details that the lessee must meet when the aircraft is redelivered to […]

Non-Incident Statements – What are they all about?

Non-Incident Statements – What are they all about? When you buy a used car, a typical first question might be, “has this car been involved in an accident?”  After all, if the car has had significant damage, surely this would affect the purchase price.  For an aircraft, this is similar, but not exactly the same.  […]

Adam Pilarski

PILARSKI SAYS… Hard cold reality of Chinese slowdown: predictable and predicted

Hard cold reality of Chinese slowdown: predictable and predicted As featured in Airfinance Journal Column PILARSKI SAYS Investors have only themselves to blame for not seeing the inevitable, writes Adam Pilarski, Senior Vice-President at AVITAS. Uncertainties in the world affect aviation profoundly.  Some factors are obvious, such as signs of recession, terrorism or wars.  Others are less […]

Huddles for CSeries according to United Airlines

United Airlines VP of network Brian Znotins stated the Bombardier CSeries aircraft is a “beautiful” aircraft with “good economics”, although it presents “a lot of infrastructure investments”  Mr. Znotins said United would need to train new pilots, purchase simulators and invest in spare parts with the CSeries aircraft, and the lack of interchangeable pilots may […]

AVITAS Inventory Appraisal Services

In addition to the Aircraft valuations, BlueBook publications, and online valuation services, AVITAS also provides valuations of aviation inventory. AVITAS routinely reviews the inventory of airlines, part-out facilities and aircraft parts brokers. The valuation consists of a detailed review of the list of parts provided by the client via an Excel spreadsheet. By comparing the […]