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Best Industry Practice for Aircraft Lease Transitions

If aircraft are returned late or in an unacceptable condition at the end of lease, the operator can face significant compensation costs. Recommended best practice for the aircraft lease transitions process are highlighted here, including the need for detailed, advanced planning. AVITAS’s Bruce Burnett advises on the best practices for aircraft leasing, read more here […]

Aircraft Leasing Asset Management Seminar, Jun 13th-15th Beijing, China

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s College of Business in collaboration with Boeing Capital Corporation and AVITAS, are offering a three-day Aircraft Asset Management Professional Education course geared towards airline employees, aircraft manufacturers, leasing and financing companies, government policy makers and regulators and aviation professionals. The course will be instructed in the English language with Mandarin Chinese translation […]

Bruce Burnett presenting at Aircraft Leasing Seminar, June 8th 2017

Bruce will be presenting at the Aircraft Leasing : A Guide to Successful Negotiations seminar being held in Washington DC on June 8th, 2017. The agenda highlights: Lease Contract Formation and Enforcement Principles of Contract Law relevant to an Aircraft Lease Agreement Assent, Assignment, Delegation, Breach, Discharge, Remedies Aircraft Operating Leases Cape Town Convention Technical Language in […]

Winners and Losers from Delta’s New Pilot Contract

Delta Air Line pilots approved their new contract last week.  While all details are not available, there are some clear winners and losers: Winners: Delta Air Line mainline pilots: they get a 30% pay raise over four years Other US airlines (and maybe airline pilots in Europe): they will want what Delta pilot’s got Delta […]

Delta Airlines Fleet changes – 2010 vs. 2016

Delta Air Lines has 20 different aircraft fleet types and models today; largely a result of its merger with Northwest Airlines and other fleet acquisitions. The narrowbody aircraft space for Delta has grown at a considerable rate vs. its widebody fleet. Delta’s narrowbody fleet has grown by 101 units over the last six years (2010 […]

Adam Pilarski

Is the world moving towards a repeat of the Cultural Revolution?

The times they are a changin’, and they seem to be heading back 50 years, writes Adam Pilarski, Senior Vice-President at AVITAS. How the world is changing. I remember fondly listening to Bob Dylan half a century ago never imagining that he would eventually become a Nobel Prize laureate. This astounding development is nothing compared to what […]

Why the big increase in mid-size and large narrowbody aircraft?

  In service small narrowbody aircraft have trended flat over the long term But, mid size narrowbodies such as the A320 and the 737-800 have been popular and the trend has accelerated in recent years Large narrowbodies such as the Airbus A321 are now increasing as well Double digit YoY percent changes in oil price […]

Narrowbody Aircraft Fleet Development in Europe

Aircraft fleet development for European domiciled airlines has been in the midst of a definitive aircraft size migration which in part is driving similar worldwide trends Aircraft between 136-175 seats such as the A320 and the 737-800 has grown consistently and appears unconstrained Year over year fleet growth for 136-175 seat types has averaged 9% […]

The US election and its relevance to aviation, Aero Finance

The US election and its relevance to aviation Dr. Adam Pilarski’s analysis of the US Presidential election, now entering its final month, draws parallels with other countries. He asks what consequences the US election, and other political developments will have for globalisation, trade, and he ask how all this is related to aviation. “The political […]