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PILARSKI SAYS…What evolution can tell us about future of airline profitability

The relationship between oil price and the profitability of carriers is a complex one, writes  Adam Pilarski, Senior Vice-President at AVITAS. As featured in Airfinance Journal Column PILARSKI SAYS Some readers were dismayed by my May column in which I expressed doubts that from now on will be profitable forever, as some highly respected industry leaders claim. My belief is […]

Maintenance Reserves – The Basics

It is all about the risk.  Some people are risk adverse and some are risk takers, but when it comes to leasing aircraft or engines, no one wants to be financially responsible for any big surprises.  So what’s the risk? The risk is all about ensuring the owner or lessor always is protected for the […]

Aircraft Operating Lessors – Aircraft In-Service vs. On Order

The aircraft operating lease is a major driver of industry growth in aircraft ownership and operation   Aircraft operating leases are now about 40% of all commercial aircraft ownership in the world and may grow to 50% over the long term   While there are dozens of operating lessors, about 20 companies dominate the landscape […]

Inventory – Is It Worth What You Think?

A hypothetical client asked AVITAS to review and inspect their spare parts inventory and opine on the value of the collection of parts.   After a review of the list of parts and a visit to the warehouse facility, it was quickly apparent that the client had significantly over estimated the value of the inventory.  They […]

The new 2016 AVITAS BlueBook Jet Engine Values is available

First produced in 1998, the AVITAS BlueBook of Jet Engine Values has quickly gained popularity among the leading players in the commercial aircraft industry, as well as those with more specific interests in the market for jet engines. Base, current market and future base values are presented for each major engine type and variant along […]

First quarter aircraft and helicopter shipments soft

Source: GAMA Key Points: Weakness across the board for General Aviation shipments While piston aircraft shipments were flat for the 1st quarter of 2015 vs. 2016, turboprop and business jets were down materially Value of all aircraft shipments was down double digits Helicopters down significantly as well with value of shipments for helicopters down by […]

Turboprop vs Regional Jet Aircraft Deliveries

Annual deliveries of turboprop aircraft declined dramatically during the past 20 years but since 2005 have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Turboprops are better suited to operate out of many regional airports and they will always be capable of performing certain missions (and short range flights in particular) more cost effectively than their jet-powered siblings.  […]