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AVITAS Chart of the Month – May 2015 – Retirement of commercial jet aircraft

The retirement of commercial jet aircraft are driven by many things. Chief among them and on a macro-basis are age and technological changes which motivates airlines to re-fleet and retire aircraft.  But, a more penetrating look indicates that Oil Price and Interest Rates have played an important role over the long-term. The scatter-plot on the […]

Aircraft of the Month – May 2015 – Boeing 737 MAX 8

Each month around this time, AVITAS will be posting a new feature called ‘Aircraft of the Month’. This will briefly highlight a selected aircraft with summary statistics and the aircraft’s Strengths and Weaknesses in the context of today’s market and the competitive landscape. This month’s Aircraft of the Month features Boeing’s 737 MAX 8, one of […]

Chart of the Month – April 2015

Chart of the Month will be a recurrent feature of  Each month, we will produce a Chart that will provide some insight and data into industry developments and trends. This time, the Chart summarizes, across a time series, the number of commercial aircraft that are in the order book (yet to be delivered).  This […]

Single Aisle Market: Who has the Advantage?

Doug Kelly, Senior Vice-President of Valuations, presented at the Dublin Airfinance Conference in January.  His topic was the ‘Single Aisle Market: Who has the Advantage’.  In his presentation, he analyzed the single-aisle market for commercial aircraft between 70 and 200 seats and also shared his thoughts on the competitive landscape, the neo vs. the MAX, […]

Adam Pilarski

Labor Conflicts As A Manifestation Of Possible Future Oversupply Of Aircraft

Now that fuel prices are, at least temporarily, at much lower levels, labor conflicts are becoming more important to the airline industry.  Flight attendants of American rejected a contract by 16 out of over 16 thousand votes.  Qantas faces labor unrest and there is labor tension around the globe. The big news were serious strikes […]

Drop in fuel prices could keep old aircraft flying longer, lessen new jet demand

Puget Sound Business Journal reports on the drop in fuel prices and the effects on aviation. As the price of jet fuel plunges, down 33 percent in the last year, many are wondering if this could undercut airlines’ demand for new Boeing and Airbus aircraft.