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Get Base, Market, Maintenance Adjusted, Soft, and Distressed values and forecast future values out 20 years. With 40% of the operating world's fleet being on lease, use our Lease-Encumbered Values to best monitor your assets and investments. AVITAS Online offers you immediate access to aircraft and engine values. Monitor your asset values with our Portfolio Management, import your assets in seconds and track/export your values immediately


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Michael J. Miller

Mike rejoined AVITAS in 2010 bringing more than 30 years of industry experience. He is a current member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Traders.


Asset Management

We Can Manage Your Entire Fleet

Let AVITAS manage and monitor your valuable assets. AVITAS will work directly with the aircraft operators to monitor the maintenance of the aircraft and engines to ensure the assets are being maintained in accordance with the lease agreements and common industry practice. AVITAS will monitor the airframe and collateral engine maintenance, identify applicable Airworthiness Directives, forecast major maintenance activities, and provide general oversight.


Aircraft Consulting

Advice from True Industry Experts

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Technical Services

Unmatched On-Site Technical Support

AVITAS, with its team of technical experts, will ensure your asset gets the maintenance it deserves. An AVITAS technical representative on-site during a maintenance or refurbishment will provide the oversight of the technical activities to ensure the work is done right the first time.


Valuation Services

Trusted and Proven Valuation

The AVITAS Valuations team values more than 5,000 aircraft and spare engines each year.


Experienced Spares Valuation

Market rate values for your asset pool

Are you buying or selling inventory, using it for collateral, or just need to know the value of an inventory of parts? Using our extensive database and market intelligence, AVITAS is able to provide a value assessment of your spare parts inventory to include current market value, fair market value, and an estimate of an orderly liquidation value of the asset pool over time

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AVITAS is a full-service aviation consulting firm with senior staff that have comprehensive hands-on expertise from all facets of the aviation industry.
We are the leading aircraft expert advisor to financial institutions, airlines, manufacturers, law firms, maintenance facilities and government agencies.

Our offices are located in Washington, DC, New York and London.

Aviation Publications

We’ve literally written the book on aircraft valuations.

Our subscribers have access to the latest aircraft values ensuring they have the most up to date information available and our BlueBooks are just some of the publications we release. To learn more about AVITAS publications click here.

News & Events

Major Industry Events A380 Production & 737 MAX

A couple of major industry events are getting a lot of attention.  In February, Airbus announced the end of A380 production after the remaining orders are delivered over the next two years.  This announcement follows the cancellation of orders by the largest operator, Emirates.  Recently, Lufthansa reported that they are going to trade 6 of […]

PILARSKI Says – Are we more accurate in predicting short or long-term future?

Adam Pilarski, Senior Vice-President at AVITAS, explains why it is easier to predict long-term growth in the Asian market than passenger growth at St Louis Lambert airport. Click here to download the PDF version of Are we more accurate in predicting short or long-term future? A puzzling question is the relationship of the time horizon […]

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