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AVITAS Online Services have attracted praise from its world-wide users, including:

  • National and International Banks
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Companies
  • Lessors of Aircraft
  • Lessees of Aircraft
  • Airlines
Find out what they already know, that you are a few clicks away from having instant real-time aircraft analytical tools that will make receiving an aircraft appraisal or managing your aircraft portfolio as easy, accurate and timely as possible.


Click here to create your FREE account and start accessing Aircraft and Engine values immediately.

Subscription options

We offer a number of subscription options to suit your project and budgetary requirements:

  • Sign up now for instant access to values via credit card
  • Purchase bulk runs at a discounted subscription rate
  • Purchase an annual Unlimited subscription

Click here to contact us or call us on +1 703 476 2300 or +44 1737 843 756 to discuss bulk purchase options or if you are interested in subscribing to our annual unlimited service.


AVITAS Online offers access to real-time valuation information. Using our fleet data lookup you can look up your aircraft based on either a serial number or registration number. The system will fill out the aircraft information automatically including engine type, take off weight and give you custom options per aircraft to select specification adjustments.

If you don't have a serial number or registration number an aircraft you may select simply by aircraft type to obtain AVITAS BlueBook values that you may customize with your own adjustments.

AVITAS Online offers a powerful and fast analytical interface and a fleet import function that quickly gives you access to the latest values:

  • Current Market Value
  • Base Value
  • Future Base Values (Future values up to 20 years out)
  • Future Market Values (Future values up to 20 years out)
  • Full Life Maintenance Adjusted Values (Future values up to 20 years out)
  • Future Delivery Values (if applicable)
  • Soft Values
  • Distressed Values
  • Base Lease Rates (Future values up to 20 years out)
  • Current Market Lease Rate
  • Base Value, Market Value, Future Values, Full Life Maintenance Adjusted Values and Base Lease Rate Values based on user defined custom inflation rates.
  • Customized output for all values available in Excel and print formats.


Aircraft supported
Manufacturer Model Base Current Market Value Future Base Future Market Soft Distress Full Life Maint. Adjusted Base Lease Market Lease Typical
+ Airbus
+ BAe
+ Beech
+ Boeing
+ Bombardier
+ Canadair
+ deHavilland
+ Dornier
+ Douglas
+ Embraer
+ Fairchild
+ Fokker
+ Saab
+ Shorts

AVITAS Online offers Portfolio Monitoring services as part of your free online account and subscription.

Import your fleet into the system quickly and set your valuation criteria across all assets, folders or individually for aircraft.

Once imported the aircraft values will update automatically allowing you to log in and instantly see any value changes for your assets.

  • Import your fleet using a simple text file to match with our fleet data and save time on data entry
  • Custom folders can hold hundreds of aircraft and allow you to organize your data
  • See the US dollar amount change since the previous visit for each aircraft and for each folder.
  • Each folder's total value and a grand total of all your folder's value.
  • One click output to Excel and Print per folder.

The AVITAS Online Engine Appraisal service offers up to date, maintenance adjusted values and future values for your engines.

The appraisal service offers our new analytical interface which allows you to change the overhaul/utilization values on the fly and see the resulting changes to the appraisal.

The following features are available:

  • Quick selection by Manufacturer/Engine type.
  • Differentiate between First run and Mature engines.
  • Bare, Partial or Full QEC options.
  • Enter customized Overhaul and LLP information for an adjusted appraisal value.
  • Save your previous appraisal runs to future reference.
  • Export to Excel with improved formatted layout.
  • Professional printed output with customized fields for Operator, Serial number and Client.
Engines supported
Manufacturer Model Base Current Market Value Future Base Future Market New Engine Cost New Full QEC New Partial QEC Used Full QEC Used Partial QEC
+ Allied Signal
+ Allison
+ CFM International
+ Engine Alliance
+ General Electric
+ International Aero Engines
+ Pratt & Whitney
+ Pratt & Whitney (Canada)
+ Rolls-Royce